“Just returned from our dream vacation in Paris! We were a little nervous as this was our first trip to this beautiful city, however, the wonderful Claudine came to our rescue. She provided information on everything we needed;
Where to buy tickets for the museums etc., the best places to eat breakfast and lunch, cute, local cafes for dinner, what to avoid and how to be safe and our most favorite place...Bar Hemingway! This information helped us navigate the city and made this trip unforgettable! Tracy & Rick, June 2019

I recently went on a trip to Paris. Seven days in the city with my mother, my wife, our high school son, our college-age son and his girlfriend. Quite the diverse group. It was the first time in Paris for some, and the second or third for others. Knowing that Claudine had intimate knowledge of the city, I caually asked her for advice. What I got was several pages of detailed recommendations and suggestions. Restaurants, museums, well-known attractions, and hidden corners I never would have found on my own. Claudine's notes made sure we ate well and saw the sights that mattered to us, completely avoiding the tourist traps scattered throughout the city. It got to the point that after the first few days of the trip, whenever I said "Let's go to this restaurant for lunch," the whole family would say "Is it a Claudine restaurant?" Because if it was, it wasn't just going to be good. It was going to be memorable. Thanks, Claudine for elevating our trip from a fun diversion to something truly memorable for all of us. David March 2019

Claudine’s tips on how to get around Paris were SO helpful to us! I had been to Paris a couple of times before but with Claudine’s tips, I felt like an insider! Her tips on the latest tourist scams were particularly helpful and I smiled inwardly as we navigated our way around and through not one, not two but THREE attempts at scams – all of which we knew to be on the lookout for because of Claudine’s descriptions! Her restaurant recommendations were also spot on – our first day there, we were dead tired from the long flight and had time to kill before we could get in to our apartment. We were close to the Ile St Louis, so we followed in Claudine’s footsteps to Le St Regis and had the perfect first meal in France – a charcuterie and cheese platter, wine and loads of crusty bread! I highly recommend following Claudine’s lead whether you are a seasoned Parisienne or a newcomer to the City of Light! Christina November 2018

I reached out to Claudine after my son was accepted to the American University in Paris and we were beginning to plan our first trip to Paris.  We were planning 12 days in Paris as we moved him into his apartment and explored France as a family for the first time.

Prior to our visit Claudine and I met several times to discuss our travel and our itinerary the visit. Through our conversations, she put together a very comprehensive list of restaurants and sights- including historical significance and ticket/wait time tips and tricks- that had appeal to everyone in our family. Every time we met, I walked away with something new that I couldn’t wait to see when we got to Paris. Her restaurant recommendations are second to none and we find ourselves consulting the “Claudine List” each time we visit. Claudine was invaluable as we searched for accommodations, allowing me to send her links to the apartments we were considering and giving us feedback on the arrondissements and ultimately working with us to narrow the scope enough that we chose the perfect place for our first stay in Paris.

Claudine’s passion for and love of Paris - both past and present- is unparalleled.  If you’re searching for a deeper dive into this beautiful city, I cannot recommend meeting with Claudine enough. Dana August 2018

"Claudine loves Paris, and it's clear she has done her research! Her tips and suggestions were a huge help as we planned our days with our teenage boys. The details she points out--in a staircase or fountain, for instance--would have gone unnoticed without her stories and tips. I feel like I saw Paris through much more appreciative and educated eyes than I would have without her expert lessons and commentary.

I was agonizing over whether or not to take one day-out of four in Paris--to visit Versailles with our teen sons. While I know it's "not to be missed," I also didn't want to deal with summer crowds or miss other highlights in Paris. Claudine put my mind at ease, and told me about other things we could do in Paris that we would have otherwise missed. Instead of battling with crowds, we had a relaxing day visiting churches, parks, and restaurants she recommended. It was so fun to read her notes to our kids and point out things we would have otherwise missed. It ended up being one of our favorite days in Paris!

You simply MUST follow BleuBlondeRouge on Instagram or Facebook! Claudine's informative and passionate posts enhanced my visit immensely...even just in the way I noticed little details that I otherwise wouldn't have appreciated. She may have been born an American, but she is a Parisian through and through. Lori June 2019