Hemingway’s Paris with Claudine Hemingway

His time in Paris, while it was brief it also left a lasting impression. From the pages of The Sun Also Rises to Moveable Feast he added in some of his favorite places he spent time and wrote. On a cold December night in 1921, Ernest and Hadley arrived in Paris and stayed on Rue Jacob before finding an apartment on Rue de Cardinal Lemoine, and the rest is history. Walk in his footsteps around Saint Germain where he lived, wrote and drank and captured in a way no one else ever could. Allow 4 hours for tour and ends at one of the same cafes he spent time in.

Tours of Jardin des Luxembourg and Saint Germain

Highlights include a fountain made by a Queen and then moved by a Baron. Statues dedicated to to Liberty, the leader of the Romantic movement and the masks of the great painters. Three of the most historic churches of Paris, two of which have made it onto the big screen. And all the wonderful details of one of the most historic areas in Paris.

Reading the Louvre

Inside the walls of the Musée du Louvre hangs some of the most beautiful pieces of art in the world. However, long before it was a museum it was a home to the Kings of France. With a construction that spans more that 700 years, it has quiet a story to tell. The outer walls are marked with sculptures and initials that each King left as they added their own touches and a few hidden meanings to this historic structure.

Bridges of Paris

In Paris every detail has been thought out over the hundreds of years, this is evident in the 37 bridges that cross the Seine. Much more than just linking the left to the right bank, each bridge has it’s own design, history and story. From the gilded Pont Alexandre III to the niches of the Pont Neuf and the thistles of Pont Notre Dame, you will leave with a whole new appreciation of these beautiful spans across the Seine.

The Islands of Paris

At the heart of where Paris was born the île de la cité and the île saint Louis are filled with historic treasures waiting to be discovered. From a randy King that holds court at the end of île de la cité to the King who became a Saint and built a chapel for his relics. All the history of Paris began here. After the tragic fire at Notre-Dame de Paris a renewed interest of Medieval Paris and where she started has made its way into the minds of visitors. While the Gothic cathedral is closed, there is plenty to discover down the small side streets. On the île saint Louis, one only needs to walk a block to find quiet streets, beautiful architecture, historic markings and the best ice cream you will ever have. I’ll even show you some of the best places to eat of the two islands, one of which I head straight to as soon as I arrive.

Get adjusted to Paris

For those first time travelers, Paris can be overwhelming. With its busy streets and honking traffic to the tons of tourists swarming the sidewalks it can be a little much. However, Paris is a very user friendly city and once you learn a few things, you will traverse it like a seasoned Parisian. Can be customized to the area you are staying in and will include some great places to eat, the best markets and how to use the metro.

A foodies tour of Saint Germain

Let’s face it, the food of France is one of the best in the world. From the cheese to the foie gras and lets not forget the wine it is foodie nirvana. But, it can be overwhelming and many visitors rest their weary feet at the first bistro they find only to end up spending a lot more on a not great meal. On this tour, I will show you my favorite of all places in Paris that have the best cheese, pâté, charcuterie and produce to create the perfect picnic. Or if you want to leave all that in the hands of others I can guide you through one of the greatest wine bars in Paris. Loved by the dearly departed Anthony Bourdain, Yves Camdeborde’s L’Avant Comptoir de la Terre is a must for everyone visiting Paris. With its ceilings filled with tiles of the tastiest food you will find, you may not know where to start, we can help with that and the amazing staff’s knowledge of its natural wine selection will round out the perfect meal.

Book a TOUR

Tour available January 17th-January 31st and April & May 2020, contact me to see what is available and what you would like to see. Most tours last 2 1/2-3 hours and always finish with a glass of Champagne at L’Avant Comptoir de la Terre, because why not, it’s Paris! Email me at: Claudine@claudinehemingway.com

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