When you walk inside the walls of the Musée du Louvre you can't miss how they are filled with paintings and statues dedicated to love. Just the pieces depicting Venus could fill a small museum on their own. Antonio Canova's Psyché ranimée par le baiser de l'Amour, 1777, is one of those breathtaking pieces that says so much. It tells the story of a young girl, Psyche being asked by Cupid's mother Venus to bring back a flask from the underworld. Curiosity got the best of Psyche... and she opened the flask and breathed in the fumes and fell into a deep sleep. Cupid found her and rushed to her side, took her into his arms and revived her with a kiss. Based on Apuleius story Metamorphoses, the story ends with Cupid and Psyche were married and she was made the goddess of the Soul. Pretty sure Cupid had to be a Frenchman with such amazing magical powers