As with most things I like to celebrate the French way instead of waiting to see the rodent pop out of a hole to tell us we just have more winter coming, and in France February 2nd is La Chandeleur day or Candelmas. A Catholic holiday that dates back to Roman times and was a procession of followers carrying candles to celebrate the presentation of Jesus at the temple and the purification of the Virgin Mary. Now we celebrate with Crêpes, with the Crêpes, being an offering, but... let’s not kid ourselves, they are a pretty tasty way to celebrate a holiday. The ages old belief is that while you are making the crepes, if you can flip the crepe and toss it back into the pan with one hand, and holding a gold coin in your other hand you will become rich that year.

Savory or sweet and filled with Nutella, either way they are amazing. But it would be hard to live up to this amazing Crêpes I had in Paris with Duck prosciutto and Foie Gras, with a glass of Rosé sitting on a Paris sidewalk, it really doesn’t get better than that.