(Sauteed chicken in Champagne Cream Sauce)

1 whole chicken

Salt and fresh ground white pepper to taste

2 Tablespoons butter

1 cup white pearl onions

2 cups white or cremini mushrooms

1 Tablespoon shallots, finely chopped

1 Tablespoon flour

Bouquet Garni of parsley, thyme & bay leaf

1 cup Champagne

½ cup heavy cream

Cut the chicken into 10 pieces, or pre cut individual pieces can also be used, just make sure they are still on the bone. Season with salt and pepper

In a large skillet big enough to hold all the chicken on one layer, melt butter over medium heat. Add chicken thighs and drumsticks first, skin side down and brown on all sides.

Remove all chicken and set aside, in same skillet add onions, mushrooms and shallots. Cook stirring for about 3 minutes. Add flour, blend well and cook for two more minutes. Add bouquet garni and Champagne and simmer for 10 minutes.  Turn pieces from time to time, when meat comes away from the bone easily it is done.

Add the cream and bring to a boil and blend well. Cover, remove from the heat and let rest for 5 minutes. Remove bouquet garni and check for seasoning.  Plate and serve.